Major Basilicas of Roma


We offer you a private customized visit of the most spectacular Rome’s Basilicas.

The tour starts from St. John of Lateran, the oldest of the Papal Basilicas. Following your guide’s lead you’ll explore the 14th century baldacchino, the incredible gold mosaics in the church apse and the twelve monumental apostles, each sponsored by a prince or pope.

Before visiting the next Basilica, will visit to the Holy Stairs – or ‘Scala Sancta’ – included on just about any pilgrimage undertaken to Rome. Legend has it that these are the stairs Jesus climbed on his way to trial with Pontius Pilate, during the Passion of Christ. The stairs were then brought here by St. Helena and encased in perspex to preserve them. Visitors today climb the stairs on their knees reciting decades of the rosary.

Similarly beautiful is the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the oldest of Rome’s churches dedicated to Mary. At the core of the existing church is the original 5th century structure. Your guide will introduce you to beautiful 5th century mosaics, explaining how early Christians incorporated existing religious styles and iconography to create a more familiar face for a new religion.

St. Paul’s Outside the Walls is the other Major Basilica of Rome visited on your papal adventure. A familiar name appears here, since it was founded by Emperor Constantine I, reportedly on the remains of St. Paul. This is the least-visited of the three Basilicas only because it’s a little more awkward to reach. You’ll be glad of that fact when you visit with plenty of space to explore some of the most beautiful mosaics on this tour and the beautiful and peaceful cloisters.


Duration: 3 hr

Meeting point: at hotel located in the city centre (transfer by car available on request)

Entrance: entrance to churches is FOC

Highlights: Saint John of Lateran, Holy Stairs, Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, St Paul’s outside the Walls

Payment: bank transfer or paypal in advance (+5%)


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  • 3 hours private licensed professional local guide


  • Transfer by car upon request

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1 to 3 persons
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